Day 1

Airport Excitement

With excitement in the air, we all gathered bright and early at the airport, bidding farewell to loved ones before embarking on our journey. Customs cleared, we boarded our flight eagerly, ready to explore Cambodia.

A Pleasant Stop-Over

Our stop-over in Bangkok provided a welcome break. We indulged in delicious Thai snacks, stretched our legs, and explored the vibrant surroundings, immersing ourselves in the local culture even before reaching our final destination.

Embracing Cambodia's Heat

As we stepped off the plane in Siem Reap, the scorching heat of 33 degrees greeted us. Undeterred, we embraced the warmth, knowing it was a testament to the incredible adventure ahead.

Warm Welcome and Birthdays

Our trip organizers, Hadley, Shobhit, Fazi, and Kamsun, greeted us with enthusiasm. They shared fascinating facts about Cambodia, while Fazi taught us essential local phrases to show respect to our teachers. It was an exciting start, made even more special as we celebrated Torres' birthday and looked forward to Rex's birthday the next day.

Unwinding and Recharging

After such a thrilling day, we retreated to our comfortable hotel, where we enjoyed a refreshing swim in the cool pool. With cozy rooms awaiting us, we were able to unwind and recharge, preparing ourselves for the exciting service work that awaited us in the village the next day.