Day 2

Learning and Service

Day 2 of our CAS Cambodia journey was filled with immersive experiences and meaningful service work. We began the day by visiting the Monastery in Kompheim Village, guided by Fazi. He enlightened us about the local economic situation and the vital role the monastery plays in the community's daily life. We learned about Cambodia's two poverty levels, gaining insights into the challenges faced by those living in different circumstances.

Service Work and Joyful Interactions

Divided into small groups, we climbed onto ox carts to reach our service location. Along the way, Vera accidentally stepped into a muddy patch but managed to swing her leg off the cart and let it dry in the wind. Upon arrival, we met the family we would be assisting, helping them build wall structures using bamboo and palm leaves. Despite the heat and physical labor, we found joy in connecting with local children, enjoying fresh fruits, and dancing to the music. Knowing that our efforts would contribute to a family's future home motivated us to work tirelessly.

Teaching at Husk School

After the service work, we headed to Husk School, where we witnessed the enthusiasm of students voluntarily attending to learn English. Their excitement was infectious, and we were soon asked to join in and teach the lesson. The teachers entrusted us with leading the classes for the next two days, encouraging the students to embrace English with enthusiasm. Judging by their eagerness, we anticipate a rewarding experience.

Exploring Ta Prohm

Eager to explore further, we boarded the bus and made our way to Ta Prohm, a temple famous for its appearance in the movie Tomb Raider. Built in the 12th century, this magnificent structure has endured wars and invasions, but its most captivating feature is the intertwining tree roots that wind throughout. As we wandered through the maze-like temple, we marveled at the harmonious clash of nature and civilization.