Day 3

Continuing the House Construction

We started the day early, fueled by a quick breakfast and a sense of purpose. Arriving at the worksite, we resumed hammering and weaving the walls of the house. With only two days remaining to complete the structure, we worked diligently, aided by the local family. By the end of the day, we had successfully finished two more walls, leaving us optimistic about completing the rest tomorrow.

Teaching at Husk School

Following an exhausting morning, we refreshed ourselves with a quick fruit break before heading to Husk school. The school provided a delectable buffet of local dishes, leaving us slightly worried about teaching on full stomachs. However, after practicing with the local teachers, we felt prepared to engage the enthusiastic students.

Inspirational Students and the Meaning of Education

The students arrived brimming with energy, and their enthusiasm was infectious. We conducted English games and activities to keep them engaged, and they impressed us with their passion for learning and their interactions with each other. The fact that they chose to attend school voluntarily made us reflect on the true value and meaning of education.

Circus Magic and Memorable Performances

After the school session, we embarked on a thrilling circus adventure. Through workshops, we learned juggling techniques and acrobatic maneuvers. As the day transitioned into evening, we enjoyed a delightful dinner in the garden before taking our seats for the circus performance. The show was mesmerizing, with agile performers showcasing their skills and stage presence. The mix of humor and captivating storylines kept us on the edge of our seats, marveling at the extraordinary acrobatics. The professionalism and flawless execution were truly memorable.