Day 4

Completing the House Construction

After a late breakfast because of everyone's hard work over the past few days, we were able to finish constructing the final walls, lift them up, and tie them to the railings. Forming the house which we had worked three tiresome mornings for. The quality of housing for this family had drastically changed, originally some shelter on the ground which was compact, and exposed to floods had become more spacious and much spacer during flood season.

Farewell at Husk School

For the final day of teaching, we used lesson plans that we had created the day before and taught classes without the teacher's help. We organised games and tried to implement new ideas into the lesson plan to keep the children more engaged during the lesson. It was a unique experience in a classroom with a cheerful atmosphere where students were very eager to learn and filled with energy. Sadly, this would be the last day where we had the opportunity to teach the children. 

Plastic Bottle House

After teaching, we began to build a building out of plastic bottles next to the classrooms in which we taught. We stacked up plastic bottles in a line and tied them together using wires, afterwards putting plastic in between the bottles. Unfortunately, due to heavy rain, we were forced to cut the building short and stop halfway.

Culinary Exploration at the Cooking Workshop

In the afternoon, we got the opportunity to have a cooking class on cooking Khmer style food, we learned how to make spring rolls by hand, Khmer style chicken curry, chicken salad and banana dessert. All the foods which we learned how to cook would be in the dinner buffet, which not only we would eat, but also the family which we had helped build a house for, as today was a ceremony for their new home.

Traditional Dances and Gratitude

As we sat down and ate our dinner buffet, we were also able to watch a traditional Cambodian dance. Sitting with the family, we enjoyed a elegant dance which was also followed up by some ballet. After the dance, we had the opportunity to talk to the family. Torres and Anushka both gave speeches for the group, and we all had our last opportunity to say goodbye to the family.

Night market

Late at night, we went to the night market to not only purchase things for ourselves in the future, but also for our outfits in tomorrow's amazing race. Packed with loads of clothing stores, the night market was made up of compact lanes where sellers were very eager to begin negotiations about prices. The night market experience was capped off with refreshing fruit shakes as a reward for all of our hard work.