Day 5

Tuk-tuk Rides and Angkor Wat

Our day began with a delightful surprise as we were informed that we would be traveling in local Tuk-tuks instead of buses. With the wind in our hair and laughter in the air, we enjoyed the exhilarating rides through town and into the countryside. Our first destination was Angkor Wat, an ancient Hindu temple. Guided by a knowledgeable local, we explored the well-preserved temple, marveling at its grandeur and historical significance. The multiple levels offered breathtaking views of the surrounding gardens and temples, allowing us to appreciate the magnificence of the former Ancient Khmer Capital. It was evident why Angkor Wat is a UNESCO World Heritage site and considered one of the wonders of the world.

Reverence at Bayon Temple

After a short Tuk-tuk ride, we arrived at Bayon Temple, immersing ourselves in the heart of Khmer civilization. The temple's spires adorned with images of the Buddha created a serene atmosphere as we wandered through the ancient site. It was a humbling experience to witness a revered place still used by Cambodian monks, connecting us to the rich cultural heritage of the region.

The Great Race and Cultural Immersion

Following a satisfying lunch, we were in for another surprise—the Great Race. Divided into teams and dressed in the outfits we had purchased the previous night, we presented our unique cheers. Judged by the founders of HUSK school, the winning team was granted a 30-second head start for a race that would take us throughout Siem Reap. Puzzles, quizzes, and navigating our Tuk-tuk drivers in the Cambodian language added to the excitement. As we explored the city, we interacted with the generous people of Siem Reap, witnessing the vibrancy and warmth of the local community.

Farewell Dinner and Award Ceremony

The evening brought a mix of excitement and sadness as we gathered for a special dinner. We savored more delicious Cambodian cuisine while bidding farewell to the HUSK staff who had been kind and inspiring throughout our journey. Miss Bennett, our leader, handed out several lighthearted awards, recognizing the most enthusiastic participants and even the biggest rip in a pair of pants (which went to Isaac). As we enjoyed our meal and unwound, we were acutely aware that this would be our last night in Siem Reap